Peach Stones and Other Secrets: A novella

Peach Stones and Other Secrets: A novella


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Author: Diana Encel
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What happens when you keep a secret?
A collection of interwoven stories involving academic life, shifting relationships and romantic intrigue. The stories in this novella are each told in the first person. They offer different perspectives on overlapping events but at the same time move the narrative forward. Each story shows how an incident or condition involving a secret can affect people’s lives, like ripples in a pond.

Through these stories Diana Encel delicately explores human passions and frailties within an interconnected web.
Diana Encel has published 10 books, including:
Privatisation, welfare services and welfare
                                     Unemployment in Australia: An Annotated Bibliography, 1983-1989
                                     Women, work and the tax transfer system : an annotated bibliography
                                     Jewish country girls : a collection of memories

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