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If you want to be published by Hybrid Publishers:

Hybrid Publishers works predominantly with Australian authors. We do accept unsolicited manuscripts, but request that you contact us with information about your proposal first. Unlike some other publishers, we do not charge an assessment fee and will always respond within a couple of months.

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We publish a variety of genres, but we do not publish speculative/science fiction, children’s books or young adult. We do publish some fiction but mostly focus on non-fiction, including Jewish themes (see our online catalog for the range of our publications).

Please send submissions electronically in the first instance.

All submissions should contain:

  • Covering letter of no more than 1 or 2 pages, giving a brief account of the book’s subject, why it was written, and details of the author’s background and qualifications for writing it. (An author CV would be appreciated.)
  • (For non-fiction): a detailed chapter outline; or (for fiction): a brief (one page or less) synopsis of the plot.
  • The author’s view of the potential market/readership of the book and any ideas for publicity and marketing, or personal contacts to help promote the book (this has become increasingly important in helping us decide on which books to publish).
  • The complete manuscript.
  • Information on whether pictures are included, index required, etc.

Alternatively you can send a printed manuscript, double spaced. Only manuscripts with a self-addressed envelope and sufficient postage will be returned.

We do not send out acknowledgment of receipt of manuscripts. We do respond to all submissions, although assessment may take up to three months. We are grateful for authors’ patience during this process.


With the publishing revolution we now inhabit, we operate in a more entrepreneurial fashion, no longer offering only the traditional 10% royalty model. Some possibilities are noted below, but really, we look for win-win solutions, and are open to discussion. Our only non-negotiable principle is that we aim to publish high quality titles. With that proviso, here are some possibilities:

  • Traditional: If we accept your title (based on commercial viability), we will pay all costs and give you a 10% royalty, based on sales at recommended retail price. Under this model, while we always strive to deal with authors in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, ultimately we have the final say on all facets of publication: editing, design, cover, price, publicity, marketing, printing, etc. This may include an ebook version if appropriate.
  • As above, but no royalties paid until 1000 books are sold. (Author will need to help with promotion, marketing, etc.)
  • Partnership: Usually a 50:50 joint venture, where we jointly cover the costs, and then share the profits 50:50. While the first such title was a legal book, this model has also been used for fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.
  • Gun for hire: Sometimes an author will want total control of a project – whether cover design, typesetting, editorial style, distribution (using our national distributor or their own channels) – and will pay our fees and costs to put out a book exactly as they want it. This way the author gets exactly the publication they ask for. This model is also adopted by organisations that give books to their members.
  • Your twist: Over the years people have come to us with other variations – the university subvention, the agreement to purchase a minimum quantity of their title, and so on. If you have a fresh funding idea – crowd funding, pre-publication sales, ebook only, whatever – talk to us, and if we consider the idea commercially viable, we may take it on.

What do publishers do, anyway?

A lot of people think that they just need to hand over a manuscript, and the publisher organises the printing, and that’s it. In truth, publishers act as gate-keepers, organisers, and disseminators of titles, with such tasks as:

  • Editorial – editing (structural, text), proofreading, indexing, etc. – basically, working with an author to ensure the manuscript is converted into the best possible book
  • Design – cover, internal book design, illustrations, cartoons, etc.
  • Typesetting/layout; choice of size of book, font, leading, margins, etc.
  • Printing
  • Producing and releasing an ebook version, available worldwide.
  • Producing and releasing an international print version (available through, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and other online sellers.) (Optional extra)
  • Distribution and sales – through our national Australian distributor, on our web site, bulk sales, etc.
  • Marketing – preparing publicity sheets, publicising through our website, Facebook page, sending out review copies, arranging interviews, feature articles, etc.
  • Administration, including legal requirements (legal deposit), arranging an ISBN, CiP from the National Library, determining and paying royalties, etc.

If Hybrid Publishers takes on your title, we hold your hand right through the entire process, using our knowledge, experience, expertise, and passion to bring out the best possible book. In today’s world where millions of titles are available in print and digitally, we will ensure the high quality of your book and give you the best prospects of success.

At the same time, we urge authors to be aware of the challenges and difficulties today. The days when an author could sit back and wait to be discovered, are over. The old genteel world of gentlemanly publishing – if it ever really existed – is well and truly over, and authors with vision, ambition, focus, and unceasing devotion to self-promotion are  more likely to be successful. This will often involve familiarity with the online world: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

We are passionate about our business. Our vision is to make our authors famous, but we need your own determination to succeed and willingness to promote!

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