Do you have a story to tell? A drive to keep alive a novel, a memoir, an idea or a legacy? Have you spent years nestled in front of a desk painstakingly going through your manuscript, line by line? Do I leave the comma? Is there a better word? Can I even write at all!? It’s been a painful process, but you’ve done it.
Congratulations! You’ve written a book, like you always said you would.
Now what?
You could self-publish, and in the process try to become a publishing expert, letting your masterpiece take over your life as you try to navigate the nuances of publishing – learning the foreign language of procedures and processes. You could try to publish traditionally, handing over all rights and creative control to people you may never actually get to meet. You could go with a vanity publisher who may churn out your book with very little passion, limited expertise and minimal marketing, perhaps in the process leaving a wake of editorial errors and false promises.
Or, you could find another option and enter into a partnership, entrusting your manuscript to the capable and dedicated team at Hybrid Publishers.
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Established in 1998, Hybrid Publishers has a proven track record of producing quality books in many genres, including:
  • poetry
  • fiction
  • history
  • memoir
  • business and legal texts
  • personal development and health
  • Judaica
  • stories of Indigenous Australia
  • general nonfiction
  • children’s picture books
  • Young Adult
Our goal is clear: to create the best book possible, and then to get it out into the world. We offer a personalised service, priding ourselves on:



Today, there is more than one way to publish a book, and every author has different needs and wants. Because of this, we can provide a customised service for helping you bring your story to life. Throughout the process, you will deal not with shadowy, anonymous figures, but with one contact person – by email, phone, even meetings if required – who will take responsibility for getting the job done: on budget, on time, to agreed specifications.
Talk to us about your goals, and together we can find a an affordable publishing plan that works for you in terms of time, quantity and budget.


Where self and vanity publishing fall flat is in actually getting the books into the shops, both physical and online. If distribution is something you’re after, we use a major distribution company which has multiple representatives and is committed to getting books into shops around Australia and, through Print-on-Demand, around the world. We are fully capable of navigating the local book market and have personal relationships with bookshops and key media contacts that have been established over time. We also have the capacity to produce a professional ebook, which will then be distributed to many online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, etc.


They say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’, but the truth is, people often do judge a book by its cover design, page layout, font and even the colour of the pages. At Hybrid, we strive to get this right and will work with you every step of the way to create a beautiful, professionally produced book you will be proud to show off to your friends and family.


With decades of editing experience, our dedicated team take care with accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation. We also have great passion for stories. Basic copy-editing is included in all packages, but we also have the skill and experience to aid in more substantive structural editing: to help tie up loose ends, flesh out your ideas and together create the best book possible.

Industry Essentials

Your book will be treated professionally and to Industry Trade Standards. What this means is that there will be no physical difference between your title and that produced by a major publishing house. Your book will be assigned an ISBN and barcode; will have a CiP (Cataloguing-in- Publication) record; it will be lodged as legal deposit in State and National libraries; made available to libraries around Australia through our distributor; can be registered for the lending rights scheme (PLR and ELR) and be available worldwide, if required.


Much of the success of your work will be due to your willingness to self-promote. However, with Hybrid Publishers, you have the option for marketing support every step of the way, including sending out review copies to major media, suggesting media contacts, assisting with events, drafting press releases and advertising your work on social media platforms. Our Marketing Coordinator is passionate about all things promotion, and strives to give authors the education, tools and confidence to see their book flourish in the marketplace.


How To Submit

If partnership publishing sounds right for you, please email us.
When submitting, your message should contain:
  • Covering letter of no more than one or two pages, giving a brief account of the book’s subject, why it was written, and details of the author’s background and qualifications for writing it. (An author CV would be appreciated.)
  • (For non-fiction): a detailed chapter outline; or (for fiction): a brief (one page or less) synopsis of the plot.
  • The author’s view of the potential market/readership of the book and any ideas for publicity and marketing, or personal contacts to help promote the book.
  • The complete manuscript which has been proofread and is the best you can produce.
  • Information on whether pictures are to be included, index required, etc.
From there we will contact you within a fortnight with more information, some questions on what services you require and a preliminary quote. You are also free to phone us if you would like to discuss your publishing possibilities.
If you have a story to tell, Hybrid Publishers is here to help you bring it out into the world. We look forward to hearing from you.
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P.O. BOX 52, Ormond
Victoria, 3204 Australia