Shy Loves Smiles Shy Love Smiles AND Acid Drops Letters from a difficult marriage

Letter to Sunday Reid: All I know is that it is impossible for people to invent love when it doesn’t exist and just as impossible for people to stop loving when they do love.
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Mostly Guilty Book Cover Mostly Guilty by Michael Callinger Mostly Guilty A Low-Flying Barrister's Working Life

Light, punchy and informal, a look at the workings of the lowest level of the Australian legal system, through the experiences and anecdotes of low-flying criminal barrister.
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The Rediscovery of the Human Book Cover The Rediscovery of the Human - Light Brown with Image of Author The Rediscovery of the Human Translations of a number of important but less well-known writings psychological writings of Viktor E. Frankl on the human in the image of the divine. Read More Ein Stein Ein Stein Book Cover Dark Blue with Yellow Silhouette of a man sitting in a chair Ein Stein “Joe has the ability to seamlessly merge history with the present, and create a most readable and enjoyable story.” – Nicolas Brasch Read More Rethinking Parkinson's Disease Rethinking Parkinson’s Disease The definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson’s disease and proven reversal strategies Read More Arthur Schüller: Founder of Neuroradiology Arthur Schüller: Founder of Neuroradiology Arthur Schüller: Founder of Neuroradiology This distinguished pioneer was the pre-eminent authority on the radiology of the skull and brain in the German-speaking world before establishing his career at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Read More A Distant Time and Place A Distant Time and Place Frank Vincent A Distant Time and Place “Frank Vincent’s memoirs illustrate why lawyers would enter courts to hear him speak – firstly as a barrister in murder trials, then as a Supreme Court Justice … His story is told with grace and humour …” – John Silvester Read More Dragon's Gate Dragon's Gate Dragon's Gate The unique interweaving of fascinating tales set in exotic places with familiar and much loved western classics makes this book a page turner from beginning to end.” – Jane Sydenham-Kwiet Read More


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