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Hybrid Publishers, based in Melbourne, Australia, publishes high quality books covering a broad range of titles by well known and new authors, including business and legal texts, books on personal development and health, history, memoirs, Judaica, stories of Indigenous Australia and a small amount of fiction. Hybrid does not publish children’s or YA (Young Adult) books, science fiction or fantasy. YA titles are published separately under the Ford Street imprint, only from commissioned authors.

The editing was careful, concise and thoughtful. The editor and the director were a delight to work with.
– Paul Kraus, author of Poetic Medicine: Touching our Innermost Being

Louis de Vries


As a child, Louis de Vries used to prop up and read a book (invariably fiction) under the desk while the teacher was droning on. At age 14 he entered the publishing world by starting a family newspaper which he typed up every weekend for several years, with a circulation of one copy, but read by many (well, four or five). Initially he wanted to be a singer-songwriter (think Buddy Holly and Leonard Cohen – wow!) and novelist (somewhere between WW Jacobs, the early John Irving and the late Jerzy Kosinski), but came to the conclusion he was an even better publisher.

After starting his working life as a schoolteacher, Louis became an editor and writer, working for the Education Department of Victoria from 1974. After that time he worked in many areas of publishing, establishing Hybrid Publishers as a one-man band in 1998. One of his favourite recreations after a hard day working with manuscripts … is reading, preferably still fiction. He considers retirement is for others.

Anna Blay understands the writer’s craft. She knows what is necessary to turn something ordinary into a manuscript which could become part of the central canon of 21st century Australian writing.”
– Roger Rees; author of No Turning Back

Anna Rosner Blay

Born in Paris, Anna emigrated to Melbourne with her parents in 1947. She has been a teacher of English and French, an artist, acclaimed writer and editor, joining Hybrid Publishers as Managing Editor in 2007. She has always loved words and had an interest in literature, art and music since schooldays.

In her writing, Anna has recorded the extraordinary life experiences of her family and explored the effects of her parents’ Holocaust experiences on her own life. Her book Sister Sister was short-listed for The Age Book of the Year Award, and also the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award. Her second book, Not Paradise, explored the themes of life after the Holocaust and recovering from trauma.

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