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Hybrid Publishers, based in Melbourne, Australia, publishes high quality books covering a broad range of titles by well known and new authors, including business and legal texts, books on personal development and health, history, memoirs, Judaica, stories of Indigenous Australia and a small amount of fiction.  Hybrid does not publish children’s or YA (Young Adult) books, science or speculative fiction, horror or fantasy. YA titles are published separately under the Ford Street imprint, only from commissioned authors. We are not accepting poetry collections at this time.

Louis de Vries


As a child, Louis de Vries used to prop up and read a book (invariably fiction) under the desk while the teacher was droning on. At age 14 he entered the publishing world by starting a family newspaper which he typed up every weekend for several years, with a circulation of one copy, but read by many (well, four or five). Initially he wanted to be a singer-songwriter (think Buddy Holly and Leonard Cohen – wow!) and novelist (somewhere between WW Jacobs, the early John Irving and the late Jerzy Kosinski), but came to the conclusion he was an even better publisher.

After starting his working life as a schoolteacher, Louis became an editor and writer, working for the Education Department of Victoria from 1974. After that time he worked in many areas of publishing, establishing Hybrid Publishers as a one-man band in 1998. One of his favourite recreations after a hard day working with manuscripts … is reading, preferably still fiction. He considers retirement is for others.

Anna Rosner Blay

Born in Paris, Anna emigrated to Melbourne with her parents in 1947. She has been a teacher of English and French, an artist, acclaimed writer and editor, joining Hybrid Publishers as Managing Editor in 2007. She has always loved words and had an interest in literature, art and music since schooldays.

In her writing, Anna has recorded the extraordinary life experiences of her family and explored the effects of her parents’ Holocaust experiences on her own life. Her book Sister Sister was short-listed for The Age Book of the Year Award, and also the New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award. Her second book, Not Paradise, explored the themes of life after the Holocaust and recovering from trauma.


Having published two books through  Hybrid – my memoir Memory, Love and its Discontents, and In Full Stride: The Life and Times of Baillieu Myer, I have grown to respect the editing and publishing skills of Louis and Anna greatly. Their work with design and layout along with editing ensured both books were beautifully presented and crafted. They were also great to work with, professional and helpful at all times. – Rod Myer

My recent book titled the History of the Criminal Justice System in Victoria was published by Hybrid Publishing. Louis and Anna went above and beyond their required duties to ensure my book was not only a quality production, but assisted me as the author, and my wife as the editor to finish the work by the stated deadline. They are both very efficient honest and wonderful people to work with, and to have as publishers I would highly recommend them to any authors who are looking for a wonderful publisher and quality people to work with. I thank them for everything they have done for us and would be happy to speak to anybody who wishes to get a reference about Hybrid Publishing. – Colin Rimington J.P.

“Louis and Anna were fantastic to work with. Professional, thorough and passionate. They always believed in my book and helped make sure it would be the best book we could possibly make. It was a delight to work with such skilled professionals.” – John Storey, author of Big Wars

“Anna Blay understands the writer’s craft. She knows what is necessary to turn something ordinary into a manuscript which could become part of the central canon of 21st century Australian writing.”
Roger Rees; author of No Turning Back

“Working with Anna and Louis has been a rewarding experience, helping me hone my writing skills whilst learning about the craft of publishing. I will always appreciate the opportunity given to me by such a knowledgeable and professional team.”
Lian Knight, author of Idle Lies and Ratbag, Soldier, Saint

“Anna Blay and Louis de Vries welcomed my second collection of poetry with open arms and held that care throughout the process of production.  I have the greatest admiration and respect for their way of working.  They are friendly, open, collaborative and always maintain the highest degree of professionalism.  It was an absolute pleasure working closely with Anna on layout and design.  Her innovative solutions to multiple issues of line break and length and her attention to detail ensured that each page is elegant and inviting to the reader.  I am delighted with Love, regardless and recommend Hybrid Publishers as a wonderful press to work with.”
Barbara Kamler, author of Love, regardless

“Anna Rosner Blay and Louis de Vries have published both my books and were an absolute joy to work with. Anna is an author herself and understands the sort of thin-skinned creatures we writers are. Her editorial guidance is collaborative and non-interventionist. As for copy editing you couldn’t get a sharper eye. Would love to work with them again given the chance.”
JFK Miller, author of Trickle-down Censorship and Pilgrim

“I couldn’t be happier with the attention and care that Louis De Vries and Anna Blay have taken with my books. From Louis’s faith in the merit of Faraway Places and Twisted Journeys to his encouragement to go to publication — Louis is the guy to have in your corner championing your work. Then there’s Anna whose care and attention to all aspects of the editing process was invaluable. The Hybrid team must be commended for their input regarding the attention-grabbing and delightful cover design of Twisted Journeys. Everything at Hybrid worked efficiently and exceeded my expectations.”
Albert Trajstman, author of Faraway Place and Twisted Journeys

“Louis and the team at Hybrid Publishers were welcoming and supportive.  As a new author they encouraged my writing, and guided me through the complex world of publishing with integrity and patience.  It’s been said that everyone has a book inside them.  I’m grateful to Hybrid for helping to make my book a reality.”
Brad Desmond, author of The Matilda Principle

“As an historian of Australian Jewry, I have worked with Hybrid Publishers for more than a decade, and I keep returning to them. I have found them to be highly professional, prompt, with carefully edited and beautifully designed books. Anna and Louis are very dedicated to everything they do. For them, publishing is a passion and they put heart and soul into each of their books. The highlight for me was when my co-authored book with Sam Lipski, Let My People Go: The Untold Story of Australia and the Soviet Jews, 1959–89, was awarded the 2016 Prime Minister’s Literary Award (Australian History), a true acknowledgement of their dedication to their books.”
Suzanne D. Rutland, OAM, Professor Emerita, University of Sydney, and patron of the Australian Jewish Historical Society Inc., Co-author of Jews of the Outback (2010), Let My People Go (2015) and author of Lone VoiceThe Wars of Isi Leibler (2021) and Sydney editor of the AJHS Journal.

“My tentative approach to Hybrid was a phone call and from that first conversation with Louis I felt relaxed and hopeful. It was obvious he cared about quality writing and interesting material, and would at least see the potential in my manuscript for an interesting, if not particularly profitable, book. He did, and I was very happy when Hybrid took me on. I felt confident that Louis and Anna were the sort of people I could relate to, and that turned out to be the case. Anna’s editing advice was usually much appreciated and certainly helped to create a more readable book, but she was also willing to let me have my way on the few occasions I disagreed with her proposed changes. It was such a thrill to finally see the published book and I will be eternally grateful to Anna and Louis for its existence.”
Jane Sinclair, author of Shy Love Smiles and Acid Drops: Letters from a difficult marriage

“With no prior experience with publishers, I did not know what to expect. What I found with Hybrid Publishers’ Anna Blay and Louis De Vries was patience and responsiveness. The process was at all times courteous and collaborative.”
Nina Bassat, author of Take the Child and Disappear

“Louis and Anna were fantastic to work with. Professional, thorough and passionate. They always believed in my book and helped make sure it would be the best book we could possibly make. It was a delight to work with such skilled professionals.”
– John Storey, author of Big Wars

“It has been encouraging to work with Anna and Louis. They represent for me an ideal in publishing – namely, a readiness to birth ideas and to take risks in doing so. I found them professional, fair, honourable and generous.”
Shimon Cowen, The Rediscovery of the Human

“It truly has been a real pleasure to have books published by Hybrid. Louis and Anna’s friendly attitudes makes one feel a member of a Hybrid family, and their thoughtful, helpful work in producing final products has always been beyond criticism.”
Henry R (Harry) Lew, Lion Hearts; Paterson of Israel; Smitten by Catherine; Imaging the World

“Louis de Vries and Anna Blay of the nimble, Melbourne-based publisher Hybrid couldn’t have been more helpful in editing, producing, and releasing my recent memoir Fifty Years Sober: An Alcoholic’s JourneyIt was a delight to work with them both.
Louis & Anna have also published the last four of my fictions, which feature the adventures of Dr Professor Grafton Everest. These Grafton Everest novels are So Far, So Good (co-authored with Antony Funnell of ABC Radio National fame) and Going Out BackwardsThe Dizzying Heights, and The Lowest Depths (all co-authored with Ian McFadyen of Comedy Company fame).
The truth is that the interventions of Louis in particular, substantially improved all four fictions. It is a pleasure working with Louis & Anna. Indeed, the whole process of working with Hybrid Publishers I would grade as 10 out of 10.”
Ross Fitzgerald AM is Emeritus Professor of History and Politics at Griffith University. Professor Fitzgerald has authored or co-authored 43 books.

“Professionalism is not the job you do, it’s how you do the job and that sums up Hybrid Publishing. I am not a Hemingway, Dan Brown or Anthony Horowitz, and because of a damaged past, with a personality that doesn’t easily lend itself to cooperation, but it was with the uttermost pleasure, two pairs of steady, compassionate, wise and masterly hands published two of my books. And hopefully a third being written, a fiction about the rise of Australia’s first Indigenous Prime Minister.  Louis de Vries massaged contractual matters with clearness and respect, and Anna Rosner Blay as editor took my fears and doubts and moulded them through her extraordinary patience, expertise, literary smarts, and astonishing attention to detail, into readable works. My admiration of them knows no bounds. If you’re a first time author, or more accomplished, Hybrid Publishing is the wagon to hook your star. Got a manuscript? Hybrid is your first choice for a publishing home, with Louis and Anna waiting to warmly welcome another writer in from the publishing cold. If you want to be the best, use the best: Hybrid Publishers.”
Neil H. Atkinson, author of The Last Wild West; Along Came a Spider

“In Chinese tradition, struggling artists dream of meeting their ‘Bo Le’, a legendary figure who could recognise the merit in artists and allow them to shine. Louis and Anna are truly my Bo Le. I’m grateful for their unstinting support to my writing. Anna’s meticulous pursuit of the most obscure references is a marvel. She is an exemplary editor.”
–Vivian Bi, author ofBright Swallow and Dragon’s Gate

“Anna and Louis Blay have been the best of publishers. Louis has negotiated contractual matters with transparency and respect, and Anna as editor has given expertise and extraordinary attention to detail, taking my manuscripts to the next level of professionalism. Together, they believed in and have promoted my books. I recommend them with the highest degree of appreciation.”
–Anne M Carson, author of Massaging Himmler

I have recently had the pleasure of seeing my eleventh poetry collection come to fruition under the steady hand of Hybrid Publishers. My experience with the press was one of friendly and flawless professionalism, and Louis and Anna made me feel as though I was the only writer on their books. Ideas regarding layout and design were exchanged and resolved with deliberation and care, and contact – either by email or phone – was always germane and warm. I am thoroughly delighted with warlines, and can recommend Hybrid Publishers as the accomplished, attentive and diverse press that it is.
 Jordie Albiston; author of Warlines

It was a wonderful surprise to see a load of books delivered. Not any book but one that I had written and that you have made into a reality. It is beautifully presented in every aspect: the writing, the cover and the placement of the photos all come together with a thematic unity. I expect that much of this is because of the skill, insight, patient hard work, and professionalism of Anna. Wherever, the credit may lie, and I am sure it is shared, I do want to thank you both very, very much for enabling a long held dream to become an extraordinary thing – a book.
Kerry Dillon, author of The Chronicle of a Young Lawyer: a legal journey in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea

“There are two singular rewarding experiences about being published by Hybrid Publishers. First, Hybrid responds quickly and personally to the submission of a manuscript. Second, Hybrid’s principal editor, Anna Blay, mediates and guides the writer, with all the resources and experiences of an award-winning author. Anna provides editing of the highest quality so that the story/novel achieves fresh momentum and meaning. Anna Blay understands the writer’s craft. She knows what is necessary to turn something ordinary into a manuscript which readers will appreciate and enjoy and which, given Anna’s editing, could become part of the central canon of 21st century Australian writing.”
– Roger Rees; author of No Turning Back

“I wish I’d discovered Hybrid Publishers sooner … Louis de Vries and Anna Blay love being midwives to good books. Anna was always responsive, courteous and helpful, and I always felt I was in good hands.”
– Diana Blackwood, author of Chaconne

“Hybrid Publishers brought out my second poetry book, The Sly Night Creatures of Desire, last year, and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience. When the book arrived in my hands, I felt as if I had collaborated with some very lovely people to produce a beautiful work of art. I am a relative novice at the business of being a published writer, and had been exposed to so many stories of imperious editing, lengthy delays, and inferior artwork and print quality, that I was rather dreading the process. But right from the beginning, Anna and Louis were positive, honest, and helpful, and I was thrilled with the artwork and production quality. Hybrid Publishers can be rightly proud of making a generous contribution to the challengingly small world of Australian poetry.
– Debi Hamilton, author of The Sly Night Creatures of Desire

“My first book, Trickle-down Censorship, was picked up by Hybrid last year, and I’m so glad it was. Anna and Louis are first and foremost book lovers — and not just of how a book reads, but how it looks and feels, too. Anna is an author herself and understands the sort of delicate, precious creatures we writers are. Her editorial guidance was collaborative and she didn’t suggest I change terribly much which is really more editorial freedom a first-time author could have possibly hoped for. Anna and Louis were simply a pleasure to work with from start to finish.”
– JFK Miller, author of Trickle-down Censorship

“My work with Hybrid Publishers has been a joy in many ways. I have worked with a number of book publishers in the past twenty-five years. Very few, if any have been as efficient and courteous as the Hybrid staff. The editing was careful, concise and thoughtful. The editor and the director were also a delight to work with and I hope that I can repeat my time with them again in the future. Hybrid’s books form an interesting and valuable small contribution to the Australian book market, that is dominated by overseas publishers.”
– Paul Kraus, author of Poetic Medicine: Touching our innermost being

“The sheer professionalism of Hybrid Publishers is the best argument I know against self publishing if you are a would-be author. From our first meeting it was made clear what Louis and Anna would do for me and what they expected of me. After experienced advice on content, sharp editing and painstaking proof reading, the finished product which was Bitten By An Elephant, made me feel proud.”
– Gordon Lewis, author of Bitten by an Elephant

“In publishing three highly successful titles with Hybrid Publishers, I have found Louis and the small but focused team dedicated to the task of putting out the best possible books, responsive to my feedback, and proactive in seeking solutions to issues. Publishing requires more than literary skills and judgment – good organisation, competence, attention to detail, and personal attention are critical – and all in abundance from this team. I would highly recommend them.”
– Matthew Michalewicz, author of the Hybrid Publishers titles Winning CredibilityLife in Half a Second and Puzzle-based Learning

“Having recently published a book with Hybrid Publishers, it is a pleasure to be able to commend this company to other prospective authors. I have published a considerable number of books, but never have I enjoyed a more congenial, expert, encouraging and peer-styled arrangement than the one I have experienced on this occasion. This small but vibrant publishing house understands the realities of the contemporary marketplace but does not cut corners on quality. Decisions concerning editing, design, publicity and other matters are made in a flexible and consultative way and designed to ensure that a given book will be the best it can be. I would gladly publish with Hybrid Publishers again if the occasion were to arise.”
– Richard Freadman, author of Stepladder to Hindsight

“My experience as an author with this company was (and continues to be) positive and satisfying. Hybrid Publishers take pride in the care and detailed attention they devote to the quality of the books they commit to. Their warmth, openness and integrity, personal and professional, make them a pleasure to work with.”
– Alex Skovron, author of The Poet and Autographs

“Working with Hybrid Publishers I could not have found better business partners, they were sensitive and patient in their handling of the publication process, especially when I needed to get approval from tribal elders regarding the publication of sensitive stories and imagery. When a renowned production company wanted to buy the film rights, their ethical integrity really came to the fore. Many other publishers, smelling possibility of fame and profits, would have sold the film rights from under me, as was their legal and commercial right.  But Anna and Louis were different, with them ethical integrity and cultural sensitively came first.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
– Andrew Stojanovski, author of Dog Ear Cafe

“In the event, with her characteristic tact and her meticulous attention to detail, Anna improved My Father’s Compass … It remains my favourite book. It sold out, was widely reviewed and went into reprint. I had fun. I knew my publisher, I knew my editor, we found we worked together well and easily. At Hybrid I was a person who wrote books. My books were not ‘product’ but works of personal creation. I was respected.”
– Howard Goldenberg, author of My Father’s CompassRaft, and Carrots and Jaffas

“My decision to work with Hybrid Publishers in the publication of my book came down to one word: trust. When you hand over your ‘baby’ into someone else’s care, you want to know that it will be nurtured and protected as though it were their own – and that was how it was with Hybrid Publishers. I always felt that my book was in caring hands and that they worked with me to achieve the best possible product for us both … Hybrid was always encouraging of my efforts and at times gave helpful suggestions and leads. All negotiations between us were open, straightforward and very professional.”
– Jane Mundy, author of In My Father’s House

“For many years the Australian Jewish Historical Society Vic Inc has published an important journal for its members, who are inboth Australia and overseas. A number of publishers were used in the early years, but all were found to be wanting. Then we discovered Hybrid Publishers, and all our problems were resolved! The service is highly professional and the response to our needs is rapid. Hybrid Publishers are always able to suggest solutions to numerous issues involved in the production of a professional publication. They do so willingly, on time, effectively and at an inclusive cost that is fair, reasonable and affordable – particularly important as we are a small not-for-profit society.”
– Howard Freeman, President AJHS Vic Inc

“I was impressed by Louis’ obvious love for the written word. I still recall him saying that their job was to help me produce the best book that it could possibly be. I sincerely believe that that is exactly what happened. The team at Hybrid were exceptional with helping me transform an unprofessional manuscript into a tight, finished work. This was done over a number of months. I found working with Anna and Diane to be a collaborative and enjoyable process.”
– Steven Marcuson, author of The Bunting Quest

“It was a wonderful experience to partner with Hybrid Publishers who were professional, friendly and helpful throughout the process. I would highly recommend them!”
– Dvir Abramovich, author of Flashpoints.

“Hybrid Publishers are unfailingly honest and professional and I have long admired the skills they bring to the art and craft of book publishing. Their eye for book design has always brought out the best in my books. This includes their excellent cover design, their always-secure binding options, their use of acid-free paper to ensure maximum longevity for the published product and their insistence on using the best local printers. So their books look good, feel good and last. Hybrid actually puts time and effort into marketing. Not only do they look for and find space in appropriate print media, but they have also drawn to my attention avenues for public readings of my work as well as noting prizes and awards for which my books may be eligible. Additionally, they employ a professional distributor, who delivers books to the bookshops most likely to sell my books. They made sure I was aware of deadlines associated with potential earnings from PLR and ELR. Hybrid is my idea of the ideal book publisher: big enough to be at the cutting edge of the latest publishing technologies, but small enough to still be interested in the books they produce and how they, and their authors, contribute to the conversation that is contemporary Australian culture.”
–Timoshenko Aslanides, author of LetteratureStop WordsTemperament and Versatility

“My experience with Hybrid Publishers on my memoir was entirely positive.  They did an excellent job of producing the book and seemed to be efficient at getting it into the bookstores.”
– Sue Miliken, author of Selective Memory

“Hybrid publishers have given this first-time author a very positive experience in both the preparation of my manuscript for publication and the production of my book. Anna used her meticulous editing skills to identify inconsistencies and weaknesses in my manuscript, resulting in a much improved narrative. She consulted me constantly about the layout, use of text on the covers and the author bio. I also appreciated the opportunity to have input into the cover design and appearance. Anna and Louis consulted me at every stage of the design process and when my book finally arrived, I was delighted with the result. It looks rich and inviting, and the book itself has been properly bound and sewn, so it is beautiful to see and handle. Through their distributor my book is available for purchase online worldwide. It has also been published in large print format, an initiative from Hybrid Publishers. I would commend them to any author seeking a publisher who is committed to publishing fine books with passion, skill and integrity.”
– Vivien Achia, author of Marrying Italian

“I have published two books with Hybrid Publishers and in both instances they were a joy to work with. They are very professional in every aspect of the publishing process and also create books that look beautiful and feel good. They produce effective cover designs and are very flexible in meeting author’s requests. I would be very happy to publish with them again and can recommend them highly to any prospective author.”
– Suzanne D. Rutland, co-editor of Jews of the Outback and co-author of Let My People Go

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