Will to Win: The West at Play

Will to Win: The West at Play


What’s wrong with sport today?

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Author: Don Miller
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How has sport, the happy games of childhood, become branded as an endless competition of ‘winning’ and ‘losing’? Why is the public apparently ‘unperturbed’ with humiliating so many people? It can ‘cost’ five thousand ‘losers’ to produce one ‘winner’ – sport, a ‘weapon of mass destruction’.

I enjoyed Don’s book, found it compelling reading and was well engaged in the debate about the good, the bad and the ugly side of ‘winning’. It is a book about the modern sporting landscape tat will cause debate and discussion – just as a good sporting book should.” Stephen Flemming, ‘The Yorker’ Journal of the MCC Library, Issue 55 Summer 2014-15.

“As a committed player, coach, sport scientist, administrator, and media commentator who has lived his life off/through sport in a total sense, your book really did challenge me like never before […] My overall conclusion is that your book needs to be compulsory reading for all those who study for, and hope to work in, both recreational and professional sporting environments. Teachers, recreationalists, coaches, sport scientists, sport developers and sport managers need to be exposed to your thinking. The debate which starts with children’s play/games, and ends (even though there is no end) in the world of professional sporting competition, needs to be had.” David Parkin, OAM

Will to Win tries to explain why millions trek weekly to its myriad global chapels/stadia for worship, blessing and succour; how it spreads its legs across the globe, and floods daily media.  And how it has the confidence to believe its ‘winners’ can teach the community how to become ‘successful’ in business and life. This book is a work of reflection by a social scientist.

About the author: Don Miller (b. 1930) is a political scientist, and Founder/Director, Melbourne Centre for Ideas (MCI) www.melbournecentreforideas.com.au. Don’s 35 years in the Political Science Department at Melbourne University established his career in what could be broadly termed, thinking. He continues to write, design and facilitate workshops on themes like ‘Rethink Time and Reduce Stress’ and ‘Beyond Commonsense’. Everything he does, as teacher and author, is directed to looking at things with fresh eyes. An interest in India has also allowed Don to constantly reflect on the similarities and differences of Western and non-Western cultures.

Previous books: The Reason of Metaphor; a Study in Politics, Sage Publ., 1992; Neighbours and Strangers, Rainbow Publ., Delhi, 1999; ‘Beyond the Rushdie Affair’, Third Text (Special Issue), London. Don has published articles in a wide range of academic journals and magazines in England, USA, Canada, France, Germany, India, Australia. Latest publication; ‘My Fifties Melbourne’, Meanjin online April 2012.

“Miller’s book should be read by all those who feel there is something awry with professional sport – and especially by all those who don’t.” – Scott McQuire, Associate Professor, School of Communications and Culture, University of Melbourne

“… a must-read for those interested in understanding the realities of the mega-industry that sport has become.” – Peter Spence, sometime Foundation Coach, AIS Cricket Academy

There’s a great review in ‘Whispering Gums’ here

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