Twisted Journeys: Three novellas

Twisted Journeys: Three novellas


Enjoy a master storyteller who takes you to unexpected places!

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Albert Trajstman has again shown his mastery of the novella form in this new collection of three new works. Diverse and ambitious, the stories take us to faraway places and strange situations. Each novella twists and turns in unexpected directions, changes shape and weaves strands together.

Journeys of a Prodigal Son  is a romp set in the sixteenth century, travelling with the story’s insensitive protagonist on a journey through Renaissance Italy. He is shipwrecked and meets a Venetian merchant and his family, a duchessa, a Jewish librarian at the University of Bologna and a wise sophisticated Turk. Liberally laced with sexual adventures, the story takes us to exotic settings and unexpected endings.

The second story Journey to Find out What Happened concerns a scam perpetrated against the US army in post-war Paris.  The cast comprises a world-weary journalist, a shady lawyer, an enigmatic US soldier and a number of side characters.  Follow the journalist as he tries to find out what really happened. It’s a mystery in the best tradition of Graham Greene’s The Third Man.

Finally My Journey with the Nixons and Others is a bitter-sweet story set in Melbourne from the 1960s to the present, a story of growing up in the company of a bizarre family called the Nixons. Sad and humorous  in turns, it is told in an episodic fashion that never flags.

Enjoy a master storyteller who takes you to unexpected places!

About the author: Albert Trajstman spent half a biblical lifespan working in science. He is the author of numerous publications that have appeared in learned scientific journals. Following a number of life changing events, he ceased exercising his brain’s left-side to give its right-side a go. He has directed his energy to poetry, performance poetry and writing prose — Twisted Journeys is his second collection of novellas (Faraway Places was published by Hybrid Publishers in 2017).

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