The Unsung Family Hero: The death and life of an anti-Nazi resistance fighter

The Unsung Family Hero: The death and life of an anti-Nazi resistance fighter


A story of courage and heroism in times of tyranny

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Author: Paul Gardner
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If you missed the launch on 18 October 2020 you can watch it here: And read Howard Goldeberg’s launch talk  below.

Set in Nazi-occupied Holland, this book tells the story of the author’s mother’s cousin, an anti-Nazi resistance fighter. A gentle, thoughtful man who had a successful career as a commercial photographer, he eventually reacts to ruthless tyranny by joining the Resistance as part of a team that forged identity papers to help potential Nazi victims to hide, evade capture, even escape from the occupied country. Discovering a new persona and natural acting skills, armed with forged papers and wearing a Gestapo uniform, he succeeded in saving many potential victims of the Nazis. With the narrative tension of a novel, Gardner weaves meticulous research into a story of courage and heroism, even though it has a grim ending.

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About the author: During his career as a university academic (in the field of science education), Paul Gardner authored more than a hundred research papers and reports, many of them in international refereed journals. He served for six years as the editor of a leading journal, Research in Science Education. The Unsung Family Hero is his first book-length narrative work.


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