The Clan

The Clan


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What this group of friends did in the first decade after they arrived is remarkable – I take my hat off to them – and I thank Anya for documenting their strength – which is achieved because they are a clan – a small group of friends who, in the absence of family, support each other. A small community within a small community.” —Jayne Josem, at launch.

Arriving in  Australia from war-torn Europe with nothing, no language or money, Anya and a group of people from similar backgrounds formed a strong friendship, sharing each other’s joys and disappointments as they adjusted to a new life. Anya taught herself English and, following her passion for writing, began to write stories about what everyday life was like for migrants at that time. With a wonderful eye for detail and ear for conversation, she has created a significant testament to the resilience of this group of people and others like them.

About the author:
Anya Sput-Stern was born in Poland, survived the Holocaust and migrated to Australia in the late 1940s. She has had two books published, Images and Reflections, and On the Other Side of the River, and her poetry and stories have appeared in many publications, including in Poland and USSR.


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