Sunshine in the Dark: Memoir of an Exceptional Cat

Sunshine in the Dark: Memoir of an Exceptional Cat


Moving, thoughtful and heart-warming!

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Author: Vivian Bi
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‘For anyone who has ever felt the profoundly painful loss of a beloved pet, Vivian Bi’s beautifully moving Sunshine in the Dark offers solace, shared grief and indeed, ‘sunshine’. – Kristina Vesk OAM, CEO of The Cat Protection Society of NSW Limited

Sunshine in the Dark, a story told from a cat’s perspective, is about the love and connection between species. Through the interaction between Toby, the cat, and his family, both two-legged and four-legged, the story brings its audience into a tightly knit community, offers quirky but perceptive insights on wisdom, trust and vulnerability and poses questions about concepts of humanity and brutishness.

About the author: Vivian Bi has written novels, memoirs, short stories and plays. She lives in Sydney, works as a teacher and has shared her life with many four-legged friends. Experience and observation have taught her to marvel at the intelligence of animals and to appreciate the rich relationships between species. She is passionate about animal welfare. Her previous books include dragon’s Gate and Bright Swallow.

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