So You Want to Be a Leader: Influential people reveal how to succeed in public life

So You Want to Be a Leader: Influential people reveal how to succeed in public life


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Author: Philip Crisp
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… a ‘must read’  for any aspiring leader… a treasure trove of invaluable insights into effective leadership.
—Laurie Wilson: President, National Press Club
We ask much of our leaders and blame them for ay failure to order the world to our liking. Yet many of us are reluctant to engage, preferring to disparage leaders as a class apart, a quarrelsome lot and overpaid to boot—the useful butt of barbecue humour. Will we engage better with the next generation of leaders? Will they conduct a kinder, gentler national conversation? In this book, 36 Australian voices—both early achievers and the venerable from across the political and social landscape—offer fresh ideas and timeless wisdom for people entering public life.
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Whether you are a budding politician, advisor, lobbyist, advocate, local councillor, NGO leader, social activist, blogger, philanthropist, sporting administrator or the representative of an industry, the arts, a profession or a trade—you are in public life. This book will deepen your understanding of what you must know, do, say and be to succeed.
Contributors are 36 successful Australians who share the view that it is possible to achieve a national conversation that is kinder and gentler, more rational and competent. They include two former Premiers, the former most senior Commonwealth public servant, two currently-serving federal politicians, a number of people who have held CEO positions in the public, non-profit and private sectors, and other leaders, role models, thinkers, advisers, advocates and observers from diverse backgrounds.
About the author:    Philip Crisp  has over 30 years’ experience in the law, policy and practice of intellectual property (IP) and information and communications technology (ICT). He has served as Secretary to the Copyright Law Review Committee and principal lawyer advising the Commonwealth on the Cooperative Research Centres program. From 1990 he advised numerous clients on IP ownership and licensing, as well as the strategic management of their IP.

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