She’ll be right … or will she? A journey into the Australian psyche

She’ll be right … or will she? A journey into the Australian psyche


What are the national and character traits of Australians?

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She’ll be right … or will she? holds a mirror up to Australian society, providing a reflection of who we are as a nation and how we feel about life issues. Australians feel very lucky. Yet we are also deeply unhappy, with anxiety and depression the norm for too many. This book explores the reasons behind this and how we deal with it as a society. Based on countless interviews with Australians of all ages, places and lifestyles, Neer Korn explores attitudes to wealth, health, media, screens, happiness, health, finances, family, lifestyle and many other areas.

It is a valuable collation of personal/professional reflections, undoubtedly built on sound research and experience … There is such a lot of good observation, clearly stated.    –Christine Lower

About the author: Neer Korn is an expert on Australian people. He has been studying social trends and consumer insights for major brands such as Nestlé, ABC and Sanitarium for 25 years. He has documented Australian attitudes in extraordinary detail and has unparalleled insight into Australian culture.He has been listening to everyday Australians talk about their lives and their world views. He has produced numerous studies looking at attitudes and behaviours on issues of great significance as well as more basic ones. He has shared his knowledge with a varied clientele, from blue chip companies to government and not-for-profit, and is a regular speaker at conferences.

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