Selective Memory: A life in film

Selective Memory: A life in film


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Author: Sue Milliken
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Great review!
Listen to Sue Millliken on 720 ABC Perth with Geoff Hutchison
“This is an especially sane and generous book, lucidly written, and shot through with a fine sense of comedy. All students of the movie business – meaning principally commercial feature-films – should read it.“ Sylvia Lawson
Sue Milliken is a legend in the Australian film industry. She was at the forefront of the 1970s film renaissance, producing classics such as The Odd Angry Shot and The Fringe Dwellers, and was one of the first women in Australia to achieve prominence as a producer.

Listen to Sue on Radio National with Margaret Throsby
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Sue has produced the following films, available from Umbrella Entertainment.
Black Robe
My Brother Jack
Dating the Enemy
Les Patterson Saves the World
The Fringe Dwellers
Fighting Back
Past  president  of  the  Screen  Producers’  Association  of Australia and Life Member, Sue Milliken was a former Chair of the Australian Film Commission and served on the Film and Literature Board of Review. She was awarded an AO in 2008 for her services to the film and television industry. Selective Memory is her detailed memoir about the Australian film industry, with inside stories about how remarkable it is that films  ever  get  financed  and  made,  and  the  many  often  bizarre situations facing a producer.
This fascinating book by Sue Milliken – one of the few written by a film producer – is a forthright and witty account of the career, so far, of an immensely capable and talented producer, whose skills are held in awe by everyone in the Australian film industry and whose  name  is  known  and  respected  by  production  companies world-wide
.”   Bruce Beresford

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Read about Sue’s relationship with Bruce Beresford and her new book, There’s a Fax From Bruce, here.

About the book: Always insightful and often hilarious, Selective Memory reveals some unforgettable ‘behind the scenes’ moments, from dealing with  drunken  leading  men  to  finding  her  director  and  crew stranded in Morocco, ready to shoot but with no money to pay for it.
Sue Milliken has met and worked with some unforgettable characters,  including  Sidney  Nolan,  George  Johnston  and Charmian  Clift,  Frank  Thring,  John  Meillon,  Graham  Kennedy, John Hargreaves, Bryan Brown, Graeme Blundell and Barry Humphries  and  legendary  Hollywood  producer  Dino  de Laurentiis. She’s had more than the occasional brush with the Hollywood, endured freezing nights with supermodels in the Blue Mountains and launched the career of many an internationally renowned actor, including Cate Blanchet.
The book includes a number of photos and a foreword by director Bruce Beresford, who has worked closely with Sue.
Reader comments:
‘Huge congratulations Sue – it is an extraordinary tome – accurate, interesting, honest and very very funny. Your life seems crammed into 255 pages but I guess that is OK because it is quite obvious that you have had enormous fun along the way too.’   L. S.
‘What a great read the book is. Just finished it! (so obviously I found it compelling.) Gives such a good picture of filmmaking in Oz. Frank but not mean.   M. A.

‘Thank you for Selective Memory. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m going to make it compulsory reading for anyone who wants – or more importantly NEEDS – to know what a real producer actually does.  At the very least every single Board Member of every single Government Agency!   …   it’s far more valuable than any film school degree. Congratulations. A fabulous achievement, not just as book but as a mark of recognition for a wonderful career.’   S.T.

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