Poetic Medicine: Touching our innermost being

Poetic Medicine: Touching our innermost being


Poems and meditations for healing

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Author: Paul Kraus
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In this book of poems and meditations, Paul Kraus brings together the best modern teaching on healing, albeit from a predominantly Christian viewpoint, even though he is a Holocaust survivor of Jewish origin. He tells the amazing story of his journey through cancer to a richer life. He coped with the most devastating diagnoses by opening his life to deep prayer. Each illness was a time of transformation of body and soul, firstly through meditation which brought a healing light to shine in and around him and then through the positive emotions which stilled his worried mind.

As a result he continues to grow in faith in the Divine Healer whose power came directly into his being and was also dispensed by the ministry of gifted health professionals. He writes about doctors who can blend scientific skills with the mystery of the human person, about inspiring ‘sufferers’, about the strength given by family and friends, about the therapy of love, music and laughter – but most specifically he speaks of poetry.

Paul Kraus is a Holocaust survivor and mesothelioma patient. He was born in and survived a Nazi forced labour camp during World War II. In 1997, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by asbestos. To learn more about the author, go kraus-ato http://paulkraus.com/paul-kraus-author-survivor/

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