Patterson of Israel

Patterson of Israel


The godfather of the modern Israel Defence Forces

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Author: Henry R. Lew
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“Henry (Harry) Lew’s latest book, Patterson of Israel, which tells a little-known tale about Jewish troops in World War I, is an utterly fascinating read.” – Ross Fitzgerald
“It adroitly focusses on the life and times of an Irish Protestant Christian, Lieutenant-Colonel John Henry Patterson (1867-1947) who was a contemporary of Lawrence of Arabia. Uniquely for his time,  Patterson was staunchly pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist. Dr Lew’s compelling narrative about Patterson, who prior to 1915 had never met a Jew, but who commanded Jewish Legions at Gallipoli and then during the Palestine Campaign, should be made available to students of all ages. Indeed, as some commentators have mentioned, it is my view that the last chapter of Patterson of Israel‘The four main causes of 21st century anti-Semitism in Western democracies’ is so powerful that it deserves to be a stand-alone publication.”
Ross Fitzgerald AM is Emeritus Professor of History & Politics at Griffith University. Professor Fitzgerald is the author of 42 books, most recently a memoir, FIFTY YEARS SOBER:AN ALCOHOLIC’S JOURNEY which, as is the case with Patterson of Israel, is available from Hybrid Publishers in Melbourne.
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John Henry Patterson (1867-1947) was a non-Jewish British army officer who sought to help the Jews to create a Jewish state in Palestine. He was involved with such major figures as Vladimir Jabotinsky and Trumpledor.
Jabotinsky and Patterson also believed that Jews, within the boundaries of a Jewish state in Palestine, would treat peaceful minorities with much more compassion and tolerance than they themselves would be treated if they attempted to be the peaceful minority.

Patterson was the commander of the Jewish Legion, “the first Jewish fighting force in nearly two millennia”, and has been described as the godfather of the modern Israel Defence Forces.

About the author: Dr Henry R (Harry) Lew is a retired ophthalmic surgeon.
In his spare time he has also written six non-medical books: Horace Brodzky (1987); In Search of Derwent Lees (1996); The Five Walking Sticks (2000); The Stories Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell (2008); Lion Hearts (2012); Smitten by Catherine (2016); and a seventh, Imaging the World (2018), which, although not a medical book, has some medical basis to it. These books are discussed in more detail on his website:

Download a discussion on SBS of the Jewish connection to Gallipoli:

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