Not Welcome: A Dunera Boy’s escape from Nazi oppression to eventual freedom in Australia

Not Welcome: A Dunera Boy’s escape from Nazi oppression to eventual freedom in Australia


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Author: Sue Everett
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“I was trying to keep track of the days and events and kept a small notebook made up of roughly torn pieces of toilet paper, although this was a great sacrifice as we were rationed to only two pieces each per day.”

A teenage boy, an only child, is forced to leave his German homeland and loving family.  For the first time in his life he finds himself utterly alone and ill-prepared for what lies ahead.  Armed only with a small suitcase, a ten-shilling note and his mother’s advice echoing in his ears … ‘Learn to speak English as quickly as you can’ … he is gradually forced to face the shocking prospect of losing his home and family forever.
This is the true story of Lutz Eichbaum’s admirable achievement in navigating his way through World War II, one of the most treacherous and cruel periods in world history. He witnessed the drama and injustice of four traumatic historical events: the violence of Kristallnacht, the mercy rescue of the Kindertransport program, the horrific voyage on the Dunera and subsequent years of deplorable and isolated internment in Australia. He found hope, friendship and solace in the impressively organised internment camp community as they continually appealed for justice and finally earned the right to recreate themselves in a strange country.

Lutz Eichbaum [Ernie Everett] is one of the youngest of the renowned ‘Dunera Boys’.
Now available as an e-book!

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