No Turning Back

No Turning Back


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Author: Roger Rees
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“Compassion, understanding, bottomless positivity and rejection of pre-judgement shine through as beacons when people, times or places are troubled.”
–Mark Laurie, Fleurieu Living, March 2018

“There is so much in this book that struck a chord of resonance in my heart, but let it suffice to say that it not only moved me deeply but that it stands as a validation of much that is worthwhile in this brief life of ours.”
–Tony Fawcus, author of The Ethiopian Afar and other poems

The book is a beautiful contribution to the understanding of mankind in all circumstances of love: of one another, within rich heritage and abject privation, in comfort and poverty, through success and failure, in aspirRoger Rees launch with Jude Aquilina bation and helplessness, in the face of indifference and, ultimately, as a consequence of spirited resilience. [This book holds] sustained passages of exquisite writing.” –Max Kemp, former Adjunct Professor of Language and Literacy at Griffith University

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Where do you find true resilience?

Another review from Victor Harbor Times:

Despite the wealth of knowledge he had already gained from a lifetime as a medical professional, Roger felt travelling to Ethiopia would bring authenticity that was essential to the story.

Hear a 20-minute interview with Roger Rees on ABC Nightlife with Phil Clark on 16 March 2018. Starts at 1.06.18.

Louise Davitt, a young Australian anthropologist, and Zeno Wolde, an Ethiopian doctor and fellow anthropologist, research and explore isolated villages and tribal lands in Ethiopia, making fascinating discoveries about the people, the environment and themselves. While working for reform to lift poor peasants out of poverty, they fall in love and have a child. Zeno’s work takes him away from home for long stretches of time, then he disappears. Louise visits family in London and is diagnosed with a serious infection, contracted from Zeno. With effective management and drugs, Louise copes with her serious illness and its stigma – a stigma that at the time in Ethiopia and Kenya, made it impossible for Zeno to seek appropriate treatment. She meets a Norwegian doctor, Haawkon Davos, and builds a new career with its reach and compassion for people with HIV/AIDS, especially across Africa.

I have just finished reading your remarkable book. I have never read anything quite like it before. In fact, I couldn’t put it down as I became more and more immersed in the unfolding drama, and the heart-rending but also heart-warming conclusion to the story. I felt that I was totally THERE ‒ the descriptive passages are wonderful.
–Dorothy Freeman

“The story flows beautifully and lyrically with descriptions of people and landscapes fluid and silken.  His beliefs permeate each page – his idealism, generosity, non-conformity, fierce advocacy and deep love for people.”
–Helen Sage, author of A Flower Between the Cracks

About the author: Roger Rees is an academic who has taught at Australian and US universities. He has published many nonfiction books, articles in journals and scripts for ABC Science Show. He has run a trauma rehabilitation program for people with brain injury, neurological disorders such as primary and secondary MS and for people diagnosed with HIV. This is his first fiction book. He travelled to Ethiopia and walked with the Hamar tribe in preparation for No Turning Back.

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