Mostly Guilty: A low-flying barrister’s working life

Mostly Guilty: A low-flying barrister’s working life


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‘His strategy of letting small stories create the big picture succeeds marvellously.’ – The Sunday Age

Mostly Guilty deals with the workings of the lowest level of the Australian legal system. It’s about the down-to-earth cases that happen daily in Magistrates’ Courts. It does so through the experiences and anecdotes of a low-flying criminal barrister. While the cases are from Victoria, the book makes reference to other states and has relevance and interest Australia-wide. The style is light, punchy and informal, with lots of direct speech and many funny yarns. Some of the book is tongue-in-cheek (and even politically incorrect) but it also makes serious points throughout. It’s the opposite of stodgy and is written for the general reader, more than for lawyers.

Michael Challinger still practises as a criminal barrister at the Melbourne Bar. He spent eight years as a lawyer in Papua New Guinea and also practised in London. He’s a music lover and keen traveller, having visited more than 120 countries. He lives in Melbourne.

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