More … Cops, Crooks and Catastrophes

More … Cops, Crooks and Catastrophes


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Imagine being pulled over for speeding and then having to lend the policeman a pen so he could write out your ticket. This happened when a motorcycle policeman left his pens at the office. And there was the time a policeman pulled over a young buck and while inspecting his car manages to run him over – with his own car! And there was the off-duty policeman who goes to the aid of a woman in distress – only to discover she was in the throws of passion not terror! And there was the policeman who locked himself out of his own police station.

More …Cops, Crooks & Catastrophes takes the reader into the world of crooks who just shouldn’t have taken up a life of crime and exposes the frailties the police would rather you didn’t see. More than sixty stories reveal those embarrassing moments from both sides of the law.

More…Cops, Crooks & Catastrophes is Shirley Hardy-Rix’s third book. As soon as she left school, Shirley began a long career working in mainstream media, including eight years as a crime reporter on television and radio. She has seen the dark side of police work and the lighter side – the side she brings to life in this latest collection of anecdotes.

Today Shirley is a freelance journalist, publicist and writer. The police are still a major part of her life. Shirley works for The Police Association of Victoria and is married to Detective Inspector Brian Rix.

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