James Gong – The Big Hit

James Gong – The Big Hit


An exciting adventure for James Gong, a taekwondo star!

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Author: Paul Collins
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James Gong is training for his black belt in taekwondo. One night a camera crew from Hollywood Productions turns up at training for an episode of My Life, only to see James at his most ornery aggressiveness. They love James’ jumping spinning sidekick, and decide to star him in a small budget flick. Trouble is, Hollywood Productions is a scam company that basically produces B grade ‘loser’ movies to offset huge tax bills.
Meanwhile, James, who likes his sister Caitlin’s best friend, Amber, thinks his sudden film career will curry favour. Not so. If anything, Amber shuns him even more.
Hollywood Productions may want to lose money, but they underestimate their star.’

About the author: Paul Collins has a black belt in both taekwondo and ju jitsu. He was trained in kick-boxing by former Australian Heavyweight Kick-boxing Champion, Dana Goodson. He trained with the Los Angeles Hell Drivers and later served time in the army with 2 Commando Coy. He drew inspiration from these experiences to write James Gong – The Big Hit. His last book was Harry Kruize, Born to Lose. Paul has written over 140 books for children and young adults and several books for adults. Check out his website at paulcollins.com.au

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