It’s Time to Sleep [DVD video & book package]

It’s Time to Sleep [DVD video & book package]


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Author: Maree Viotto
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Maree Viotto was at the end of her sleep-deprived tether, when she sought professional help for her 12-month-old son Nathan; she found award-winning Rhonda Abrahams. For over 20 years Rhonda has been teaching babies and toddlers to sleep independently.

She also educates the educators – midwives, child health nurses, ante-natal educators. In just one hour of using Rhonda’s techniques Nathan was sleeping through the night. Maree was so inspired by the success of the sleep program that she wanted to share it with other parents all over the world, and in October 2000 produced the original video version of It’s Time to Sleep. A step-by-step visual guide featuring Rhonda Abrahams and her program, It’s Time to Sleep will show you:

    • How to settle babies Newborn – 6 months
    • Controlled Comforting techniques 6 – 12 months
    • Getting the older toddler to stay in their bed 1 – 3 years
  • Answers all the most frequently asked questions including – why some babies have trouble sleeping, how to recognise tired signs and understanding feed/play/sleep.

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