In My Father’s House

In My Father’s House


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Author: Jane Mundy
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A rusted wok; a rooster’s feather; a battered cricket bat; World War II medals; a Vietnam Moratorium badge. Why are these things so precious to Beth?

The war in Afghanistan is entering its eighth year. Beth has been living in her father’s house, looking after him, waiting for him to die. And now the wretched old man is finally dead and she must clear out the contents of the house ready for sale … but Beth is a hoarder. Parting with anything at all is agony for her. For Martha, a professional clutter buster and ruthless neat freak, throwing things out is easy – some say, too easy.

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“An engaging and often funny story …’ Read the Age review.

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“A beautifully written, compassionate book that deals with some of our deepest vulnerabilities: loss, grief, change and moving on. The use of metaphor to provide the foundation of the story is very cleverly achieved. I recommend this book for those who enjoy very human, deeply personal stories that resonate with shared experience.” —Chris ‘Intrepid’ Allen, author

As the two women begin to trawl through the mountains of ‘stuff’ that have built up over the years, gradually the layers of both their lives are peeled back. In My Father’s House is about passion, obsession and imagination. It is about families – their secrets, lies and loves. It explores the ways in which war damages people’s lives and what it really means to be brave. How do we come to terms with the past, let go and move on?

In My Father’s House is interesting and original, well written, with great characters and an unusual story, told with great directness, verve, humour and poignancy.’ –Rosie Scott

“This is a terrific book.  I look forward to reading more by this author” —Lisa Hill, ANZLitlovers

About the author: Former teacher, counsellor, journalist, later worked in tertiary sector in public relations. Author of Cholas in Bowlers: Journey to Bolivia and Sydney Wildflower Bushwalks.

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