Imaging the World

Imaging the World


Science and art come together to explore how human vision influences our appreciation of art works.

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Author: Henry R. Lew
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A beautifully produced hardback book about a new scientific form of art connoisseurship which, through the work of Frans Hals, Edouard Manet, Alfred Munnings, Derwent Lees and other selected artists, explains how to amalgamate a knowledge of ‘art history and artistic techniques’ with an appreciation of the ‘neurophysiological engineering of human vision’.

The aim of this book is to revolutionise the manner in which readers and art lovers will think about and perceive their own vision. It is illuminated by introducing numerous well-known illustrative examples of fine art, which clearly identify and demonstrate how an understanding of the neurophysiological engineering of human vision can be applied to the examination of paintings; and how in so doing , these principles can even aid in the identification of possible ‘sleepers’, or ‘unrecognised paintings by significant artists’, which have escaped the supposedly attentive eyes of renowned, professional experts such as art academics, art dealers and auction house specialists. At the same time, a fascinating scientific explanation emerges which details how and why the French Impressionism movement occurred when indeed it did.

Only 500 copies will be printed, and each will be signed and numbered.

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About the author: Henry R. Lew is an ophthalmic surgeon who has written, lectured and made movies on professional subjects. He has written Horace Brodzky; In Search of Derwent Lees; The Five Walking Sticks (Pick of the Week in the Melbourne Age in 2002);  The Stories Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell (serialised on Radio National and the subject of the telemovie ‘The Sleeping Book’ on ABC TV’s Compass program in 2008); Lion Hearts (2012); and Smitten by Catherine (2016).

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