Footprints of a Twentieth Century Educator: Lawrie Shears

Footprints of a Twentieth Century Educator: Lawrie Shears


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The Lawrie Shears story records an important history of education in Victoria during the twentieth century. During a time of unprecedented growth, stories told in this book address emerging trends, educational philosophies and administrative practice. They explore these in relation to Shears: how they informed his performance; how they directed his endeavours; how they influenced his philosophies and shaped his policies in each of the roles he filled.


The book tells the story of schools and classrooms, teachers and students and the people who worked in the system. It traces the influence of transnational flows of knowledge, philosophies and policy. Paying homage to the contributions of Shears and other key players, it records a significant social history; identifies the roots of today’s education system and presents a platform for further research.

Dr Eleanor Peeler MACE is a Research Fellow with the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. She has co-authored: ‘Respectful encounters: Valuing each Other in teacher professional learning contexts in Dimensions of professional learning: Professionalism, Practice and Identity’ and self-authored: ‘Open my eyes, reveal my blindness: Cultural awakening in teacher education (Australia) in Language Teacher Research in Australia and New Zealand’.

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