Fighting the Kaiserreich: Australia’s epic within the Great War

Fighting the Kaiserreich: Australia’s epic within the Great War


In Australia’s own Iliad, a volunteer army sails across the world – and its struggle with Germany’s forces becomes the most formidable campaign Australians have ever fought.

An important book in this centenary year of the end of WWI.

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Sydney Morning Herald: “Scrupulously researched and drawing on a range of primary and secondary sources from more than a dozen countries, Fighting the Kaiserreich is an absorbing and quite fascinating read.” – Ross Fitzgerald

This book portrays a modern epic – of an army that sailed across the world to fight a war. Its struggle with the Kaiserreich (German empire) became the most formidable campaign Australian troops have ever fought. By the time Monash’s soldiers broke through the Hindenburg Line, their achievement and its cost were staggering.

This epic was created by normal Australians, and is understandable to normal Australians. Here, you won’t need expertise in military terminology. But to appreciate the titanic conflict the Diggers had entered, you’ll find a clear picture of the Great War – its key issues and extraordinary events.

Before this book was written Australians could not get, in one concise volume, the two interwoven sagas – of Australia’s epic and the Great War itself. That’s what this lively and vigorous book offers.

It draws on the sources of thirteen countries to present as many good unknowns (women, men and fascinating situations) as it does big leaders, events, generals and battles. In debate it’s not shackled to old predictables, and while mindful of general readers, it relies throughout on sound scholarship. For good measure, it bombards a few fallacies and their well-overdue authors.

This impressive work provides a clear picture of Australia’s own Great War, fought within the mighty war of our allies against a truly formidable adversary. It would certainly provide a welcome addition to any library’s military history collection. – Neville Taylor

About the author:    After some years as a teacher and academic, Bruce Gaunson became the West Europe political analyst at the Office of National Assessments (Canberra) during the Cold War’s final outcomes. His teaching career culminated in thirteen enjoyable years as Head of History  at Sydney Grammar School. Fighting the Kaiserreich is his third book.

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