Families in the Digital Age: Every parent’s guide

Families in the Digital Age: Every parent’s guide


“… one of the most-needed and grab-you-by-the throat convincing books around today” —Steve Biddulph

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Author: Toni Hassan
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Listen to Toni Hassan’s podcast on how to lay the groundwork for a healthy digital family life: https://babyology.com.au/podcasts/feedplaylove/how-to-have-a-healthy-digital-family-life/

Families in the Digital Age”, says Steve Biddulph, “is one of the most-needed and grab-you-by-the throat convincing books around today, and it says things no other writer is saying about social media—smartphones, selfies, Instagram, the whole digital box and dice.

“[Toni Hassan] has answers, almost from the first chapter, and all the research is there, chewed and chunked for you. She writes with a light touch so that it zips along, but it will last—you will get steel in your spine for drawing boundaries on your own use of social media, your awareness of its effects when you do use it, and a really clear idea of how to manage it, positively and adaptively, with your children …”   —Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Boys and many other titles

Concerned about the impact of smartphones and other screens on your family? Worried about high levels of anxiety? Encountering conflict about screen time in your home? This little guidebook tells you what you need to know about how to live in the digital age. Find out what makes children thrive. Consider what it means to live well and be emotionally agile.

About the author: Toni Hassan is a parent and an award-winning journalist with experience in community development, government policy and human rights, focused on children and young people. She is also an emerging artist and an adjunct scholar with the ecumenical Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University.

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