Dying Not To Eat: A journey of recovery from anorexia nervosa

Dying Not To Eat: A journey of recovery from anorexia nervosa


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Happily married to a man who loved her dearly and unconditionally, surrounded by a caring and loving family, respected in her career, monitored by modern medicine, anorexic Kathryn de Bruin even when threatened with hospitalisation was dying not to eat.

Read the true story of how Kath found a new support structure, prevailed over her eating disorder, and created a new & healthy life, with the support of a therapist who loved the sufferer but hated the condition, a husband who loved the woman but resisted her ‘voices’, family and friends who rallied when they finally discovered the truth about her, and an indomitable will to recover and live a full life.
In this intensely personal and moving account of one woman’s struggle with a serious eating disorder:

•     see into the heart of the disorder as Kath uncovers the voices, delusions and irrationalities that trick an intelligent sufferer into abdicating self-control
•     learn that anorexia is not really about eating, but underlying issues of control and power
•     discover how to support a sufferer (forced feeding is not the way!)
•     encounter the potential risks of forced hospitalisation
•     learn how to find a therapist who can actively help a sufferer towards re-feeding
•     understand that eating disorders constitute a major illness and are not a petulant refusal to ‘just put food in your mouth’!

In a world obsessed about losing weight, hear how hard it can be to put on weight.
This is a book for sufferers as much as the people who care about them.

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