Drive Around the World


Drive Around the World

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Imagine seeing the world with your family – by car!


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“One incredible journey, one amazing adventure, one united family, one great read! I travelled all around the world through these pages. Hop on board for the ride of a lifetime.” Brian Nankervis – RocKwiz, Pictures of You
Listen to Danny, Sandy, Maddy and Raffy on Life Matters Radio National, 18 March: Life Matters interview
Watch Sunrise to see the family talk about their amazing trip! 
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“We’ve driven around Australia, how about we drive around the world? …”
And with this one fanciful remark, the seeds were sown for what would become a worldwide adventure for one Melbourne family.
Based on the blog that the family kept while on the road, Drive Around the World is a touching, at times hilarious and genuinely unique account of their journey. Filled with tales of the unexpected, close calls and boundless adventure, it’s a book which the whole family can enjoy and be inspired by.
Click here  to listen to some of the music they listened to along the way.
“How this delightful family of four managed to keep such copious notes, their fine memories and their sense of humour while negotiating the vagaries of international traffic rules is only one of the marvels of this book. It takes courage to travel at all, courage to abandon normal life, courage to take a young family around the globe, and total nerve to publish a blog and later a book about it. Thankfully the Blay-Khazam family did it, and with both tenacious good humour and admirable jeu d’esprit. I utterly enjoyed every mile of this wonderful addition to travel literature. And now I know all about how to drive a van into Bangkok.” Kate Holden – In My Skin, The Romantic: Italian Nights and Days
Hear an interview on ABC Gippsland:
Listen to Rafael Epstein on 774 interview the family by clicking on ‘Flyer’ above, or listen here

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Danny Blay and Sandra Khazam, with Maddy and Raffy Blay



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