Conveyancing in Victoria [9th edition]

Conveyancing in Victoria [9th edition]


Everything you wanted to know about Conveyancing, by an expert!

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Author: Simon Libbis
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“There can be no doubt that this resource, by Simon Libbis and with Joan Lentini’s contribution, is an absolute must-have for anyone working in conveyancing in Victoria. Always informative, great explanations, relevant and it has even managed to do what PEXA can’t – explain how to complete actions in their workspace in clear and concise steps.

Thank you for such a marvellous resource!”

When I first started out as a property lawyer way back in 2014, this was my bible, my go-to book and I have to say it never let me down. I still refer to it and will definitely be checking out the new parts on electronic conveyancing. Well done!
– Sarah Klarich LLB (Hons) GDLP, Principal Solicitor, Klarich Legal, Mildura

Conveyancing is a process. As with all processes it can be reduced to a number of steps. But as any person involved with it knows, there is a lot more to conveyancing than just following the steps.

Each transaction is a journey, and to help you on your way you need a roadmap. This is it.

In much the same way that roadmaps are now accessed electronically via GPS, conveyancing is conducted digitally in cyber space. The destination is the same but the pathway is different.
While most conveyancing trips stick to the main roads, you still need to know where the minor ones, and even the side tracks, will lead you. If you get lost some directions will be needed, and emergency assistance is required when you break down or become bogged. What if you crash?
All this can be found in Conveyancing in Victoria.
It starts by explaining the basic elements of a conveyancing transaction, then provides a step-by-step guide to both the manual and electronic processes. This is complemented by detailed explanations and precedents. It envisages the problems that can arise and offers suggestions on how to avoid them. If it’s too late for that, then there are strategies for dealing with them.
This book will suit a person who just wants to know how to do conveyancing. It will also provide an invaluable reference for those practising in this area. The title includes a comprehensive index.
Whatever your level of knowledge of, experience in or involvement with conveyancing, you cannot afford to be without Conveyancing in Victoria.

A PDF of the title is available without charge, upon request by email, by purchasers of the print edition.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simon Libbis is now the Head of Ethics and Practitioner Support at the Law Institute of Victoria. He had previously been the principal of Subdivision Lawyers. Before he established Subdivision Lawyers Simon was Executive Director of the National Electronic Conveyancing Office which ultimately led to the introduction of PEXA. As well as an extensive career as a specialist property lawyer Simon also served as the Registrar of Titles of South Australia for some years.

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