Bitten by an Elephant

Bitten by an Elephant


Self-deprecating humour of a ‘maverick’ judge.

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Author: Gordon Lewis
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VALE Gordon Lewis 15/3/1934 – 22/8/2022, a much loved and influential man who had an outstanding career. His contribution to the practice of law and the administration of justice in Victoria will remain significant. His sense of humour and dry wit will not be forgotten.

At the age of 65 Gordon Lewis was described by an enraged senior judge as a ‘bloody maverick!’ He took comfort from this assessment as he felt it confirmed that he was on the right track …
Gordon Lewis loves the humanity of the Law. That affection has led him to a legal career of great diversity. Whether as Director of the Victorian Law Institute, sitting as a County Court Judge, regular presentations on radio, guest speaker at both overseas and Australian conferences, or his role as Cricket Australia’s Senior Code of Conduct Commissioner, his name has become almost as well known to the general public as it is to the legal profession.

Known for his warmth, compassion and quick wit, he has devoted many years to assisting and advising young lawyers.  The textbook he originally co-authored with Justice Kyrou, Handy Hints on Legal Practice, was once described as the only legal textbook to ever make the readers laugh. Several years ago he decided to write ‘a funny book about the law and his life so far’. This book is the result. Whether it is the law stripped of its pomposity, cricket, film reviewing, greyhounds or just coping with life’s exigencies, the self-deprecatory humour in these pages gives a rare insight into the author’s kindness and sense of fun. You might also think that apart from writing ‘a funny book’, almost coincidentally the author has recorded a testament to overcoming personal adversity.

Latest Review: Herald Sun, Melbourne 24/01/17

G LEWIS 240117 HEALD SUN“…….His legendary quick wit, self-deprecating humour and irreverent sense of fun are demonstrated throughout the 279 pages of Bitten By An Elephant……”    Keith Moor, Herald Sun, January 24, 2017

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