Beyond Survival: A Holocaust memoir

Beyond Survival: A Holocaust memoir


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“My father’s job in a small Jewish-owned shoe store came to an end when the store was vandalised on Kristallnacht during the night 9/10 November 1938. I had reached the ripe old age of nearly six years …”

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VALE: Sad to hear of the passing of Ken Arkwright (1929–2022), Holocaust survivor, admirable, inspiring and a true gentleman.

“This does not feel like a history book, Kenneth’s memories are the kind of history we should be learning.” – Elana Bowman’s review:

“I am a Jew. Between 1933 and 1945 I lived in Germany, the country of my birth, with the many who perished and with the few who survived the Holocaust.”

With these bald statements Ken Arkwright commences the story of his life. There have been countless stories written by and about Holocaust survivors, and each one has its own perspective, each being a witness statement, an eye-witness account – and each deserves to be told.

This particular book has the interesting provenance of having first been published in German, where it aroused considerable interest. Now Hybrid Publishers is proud to release a revised and updated English edition, with fascinating material about Arkwright’s life and times.

For decades the author resisted telling his story. As he comments, “Many years of reflecting on these events had to take place to make me feel the need to write about this journey.”

He feels an urgency to tell his story, as otherwise his unique life experiences and the life stories of some of the people he met and who have perished in the Holocaust will die with him.

Now in his ninetieth year, Ken Arkwright writes with clarity and in great detail – and with a remarkable lack of bitterness – about the progress of his life through the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazis, and the Second World War.

It is indeed a story beyond survival.

Kenneth Arkwright’s memoir is truly remarkable for its lack of bitterness.  His story of survival as a Jew in Nazi Germany is notable for his capacity to comment on his fortune in surviving, on the goodness of people when he encountered it, and on his own determination to transcend the shocking experiences of his childhood and adolescence. – Lisa Hill, ANZ Litlovers


Hear Kenneth Arkwright, author of Beyond Survival explaining his life experiences to Gary Max on J-Air…/talking-to-the-max/playlists/podcast/embed

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