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Bella and Chaim


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“…  the author has used the power of multiple sources of words to conjure the immediacy of a vanished world.” Excellent review by ANZ Litlovers

“Wonderful book; deeply researched, scholarly, heartfelt and well written.”
—Emeritus Professor Roger Fay

“I loved your book. It really is a work of art. I found it heartbreaking but also filled with so much love and honour. You are a gifted writer. The world is richer for your book.”
–Kate Ulman

Listen to an in-depth interview with Sara Vidal on the background and process of writing the book here

Launch speech  by Richard Freadman.

Encompassing the inspirational story of Bella and Chaim, the author’s parents, with the intergenerational trauma of being a child of survivors, this memoir  is of love, loss and gratitude; indeed a testament to the human spirit as well as a call to action.

Bella and Chaim met and fell in love in the Warsaw Ghetto where they witnessed the destruction of a way of life; sole survivors of both their families, they endured entombment for eighteen months before rescue, liberation, and immigration to begin anew in Australia.

Memory, historical records, fragments of Melbourne in the 1950s, and the honouring of the murdered and the righteous, mingle with real-time musings on the light, dark, and potential of being alive; ever present are the dilemma’s facing us today.

“Many migrant stories … have been a recording of the atrocities during the war. But to link the deep past with the recent past and the present and to find themes that connect them all, that is fabulous.” — Liliane Grace

‘I found the intimate history of Bella and Chaim engrossing, their strength to survive during the Holocaust very moving and the historical details very informative … Sara has captured a story of life, of unspeakable horror and of amazing survival.’  —Daniel Rubenstein

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