Arthur Schüller: Founder of Neuroradiology

Arthur Schüller: Founder of Neuroradiology


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Professor Arthur Schüller (1874–1957) was a distinguished pioneer in the field of neuroradiology. His research rapidly made him the pre-eminent authority in the German-speaking world on the radiology of the skull and brain, particularly after the publication of his two books. He was university professor at the age of 40, author of many scientific articles in medical journals, and is credited with the first description of three diseases and three operations.

He was also a refugee – fleeing Austria with his wife and settling in Melbourne in 1939. The analysis of Schüller’s career is woven into the personal history of his family. Tragically his later years were darkened by the news from Europe that his two sons had perished in a concentration camp.

About the author: The book was written by Keith Henderson (1923–2017) who, as a young neurosurgical trainee at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, met and worked with Schüller. Later, Henderson served for many years as the Head of the Neurosurgery Unit at St Vincent’s. Keith’s son, Michael, surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Melbourne, completed the book after his father’s death.

A film about Arthur Schüller’s life, ‘X-Rays to Exile’, is available at

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