Ahad Ha-Am: The Zionism of the Future (ebook only, not available from this website)

Ahad Ha-Am: The Zionism of the Future (ebook only, not available from this website)


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Author: Israel Kipen
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A classic text on Zionism for the 21st Century

“When eminent Melbourne scholar Israel Kipen wrote this book in 1997, it soon became the definitive study of one of Zionism’s most influential figures, Hebrew essayist Asher Ginsber (pen name Ahad Ha-am). It became a prescribed text at the University of Menlbourne’s Centre for Jewish Studies and History and at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
“Now the book has been republished as an e-book, and 94-year-old Kipen has written a new introduction for the clasic text.”

Danny Gocs, Australian Jewish News, 14 June 2013

“The republication of this classic text as an e-book is a cause for celebration for students of history, academics and the general public. No one knows Ahad Ha-am better or is better suited to deal with the life and thoughts of the icon of Hebraic cultural nationalism, and with the multivalent debates and conversations his ideas provoked. The book fills a vital gap in the study of early Zionism and of its greatest purveyor of serious ideas.

“Kipen’s knowledge across the periods and themes is formidable. His writing is beautifully clear and his conclusions always compelling. This is historical and literary scholarship at its finest and a joy to behold.”
Dr Dvir Abramovich
The University of Melbourne

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