A Threefold Cord

A Threefold Cord


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“It’s an exciting tale of international smuggling involving rare diamonds, even rarer cats, and royalty from obscure European principalities. There’s a faint Enid Blyton feel, as though the Famous Five had been transported to multicultural Australia.” –Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Sydney Morning Herald   http://bit.ly/2x7B5Rd

What happens when three schoolchildren, Jennifer, Snoth and Nystagmus, discover a cat that’s being tortured? How do they get involved with an international criminal gang? And who is Dr Vandersluys, the tall, pale stranger who always wears sunglasses and dresses in black?

In a scary world, the children – who call themselves ‘A Threefold Cord’ – find they must be brave and clever and loyal and kind to save themselves and others.

The story is thrilling and funny and full of unexpected twists and turns and mysterious characters.

Howard Goldenberg is a writer, a reader and a doctor. He is the author of the highly successful memoir, My Father’s Compass (Hybrid, 2007) and Raft (Hybrid 2009), an intimate and candid account of his work as a doctor in dozens of remote indigenous communities, over many years. He also published a fictional story entitled Carrots and Jaffas (Hybrid, 2014).


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