Joint winners PM’s Literary Awards (Australian History)!

Joint winners PM’s Literary Awards (Australian History)!

Congratulations to Sam Lipski and Suzanne D Rutland on being joint winners (with Geoffrey Blainey) of the Prime Minister’s  Australian History Prize for Let My People Go! image001 Buy the book here

Judges’ Comments: “Sam Lipski and Suzanne D. Rutland have produced a path-breaking book about the struggles of the Soviet ‘refuseniks’. Replete with new information, Let My People Go draws on a vast array of primary and secondary sources. These include ASIO files, Rutland’s painstaking research on Australia and Soviet Jewry, as well as unfettered access to the massive archive about the Campaign for Soviet Jewry of Lipskis friend Isi Leibler. …Thoroughly researched and superbly written, Let My People Go is a revealing and important account of human achievement against the odds.” 

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