The Girl in the Lion’s Mouth

The Girl in the Lion’s Mouth


An extraordinary woman with an incredible story.’

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Author: Dita Gould
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Dita Gould was an eleven-year-old child when the Nazis invaded Hungary in 1944 and overturned her peaceful family life. Separated from her parents and responsible for her little sister, she suffered deprivations and nearly starved, but survived with indomitable spirit and courage. Reunited with her parents after the war, she migrated with her family to Australia, where her father was able to start a new business and settle to create a successful life.

In her first full-length book, written in her late 80s, Dita has shared her remarkable life journey, documenting a period of history that should never be forgotten.

An extraordinary woman with an incredible story.’ – Harry Borden

… attractive, intelligent, vivacious, brave, determined and full of enthusiasm.’ – Harry R Lew

Nothing stops the amazing Dita! What a wonderful example to others of resilience and positivity!’ – Ron Raab

About the author: Dita may never have completed her schooling, but she has been an avid reader and storyteller. As a member of the Child Survivors of the Holocaust group, she has spoken publicly about her experiences. She is also a speaker for Courage to Care, whose mission is to prevent discrimination and bullying through educational programs for children.

Dita and her son Robert founded Gould Galleries, a prominent art gallery in South Yarra. Dita has been a passionate and tireless advocate for many causes. She was recently recognised as the 2019 JNF Australia Blue Box Worker of the Year for her fundraising efforts. She lives in Melbourne.
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Read the launch introduction by Kate, Dita’s granddaughter:
“As a 3rd generation Holocaust survivor and Dita’s granddaughter, I am still processing how this history and legacy have affected me personally and the world. That’s why it’s so important to have stories and memories from those with first-hand lived experience of the Shoah, the Holocaust. I think that is what Dita’s first grandchild, my cousin Anna, has done so well – she has really captured Dita’s voice and together, through several years of writing, listening, reviewing, reordering and piecing together Dita’s memories, diary entries and memorabilia into a representation of a such a big life. Doing so has helped me put together how the well-known stories of survival fit together and are fleshed out into Dita’s full Holocaust experience. Dita’s story is not only crucial testimony of her grit and determination to safely see her and her younger sister Liz evade capture while in hiding and safely reunite with their parents in the Holocaust, but also how she then thrived in Melbourne, establishing a family, being an active part of the Jewish community and finding independent success in business. All the way living by her optimistic attitude and proactive approach to life – as she has always said to me, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’. Dita, I am so honoured to help you launch what is an impressive achievement of your book launch, The Girl in the Lion’s Mouth. A huge mazaltov to you!”

Comments from the Zoom launch chat: ‘Our wonderful Dita is insightful, curious, pellucid and glinting with insights with boundlessly generous energy to help whenever she sees a need. The world is lucky to have Dita in it.’
‘Mazal Tov Dita!  You are truly an incredible woman!  I will be forever grateful for your years of commitment and support as a Blue Box Collector for the JNF of Australia. You are a wonderful inspiration and you deserve all the accolades coming to you for this wonderful achievement.  I look forward to reading the book.’
‘From all at Courage to Care (Vic.) congratulations on this achievement and for your contribution to our efforts. You truly demonstrate optimism and resilience.’

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